Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Self-marketing capsules
The self-marketing capsule is an important piece of marketing collateral that every job seeker needs to position themselves effectively during a job search. Whether in a networking context or a job interview, job seekers must always be ready to deliver their personal pitch in an exciting and memorable way. Ultimately you want to be able to recite a message that is clear, targeted, and easy for anyone to understand. The goal is to leverage your message to create an advocate for your candidacy who can refer your qualifications on to the next appropriate person in the networking or hiring chain. The most effective marketing messages do the following: 1. Describe professional identity rather than job function. 2. Showcase three key competencies or strengths. 3. Link strengths to accomplishment-focused, metrics-driven examples. 4. Touch on related background including past positions and education. 5. Match value of skill set to employer's needs. By staying on message and crafting a pitch that addresses the needs of the employer you can quickly show your value add and differentiate yourself from your competition.


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