Monday, May 15, 2006

New York Times Job Market Article

The New York Times ran an article on 5-14-06 in the job market section titled Training to Work in the Home (Someone Else's). The article said that the occupation of home health aide is the fastest growing occupation and that the growth predictions for this position will remain strong as the baby boomer population ages.

Monitoring business, social, economic, and demographic trends is an important component of a successful job search strategy. Rather than spending time on job boards trying to fit yourself into a job description, job seekers should focus on trends to uncover which industries are growing and which are contracting. Healthcare is a strong example of a growth industry and there's ample evidence that its growth is fueled by the increased demands of the baby boomer population. Consumers between the ages of 40-65 command exceptional buying power and they are spending their money on ways to improve their health and well being and protect themselves as they age. By identifying trends, job seekers can stay ahead of the curve during their search and create more opportunities for themselves within the hidden job market.


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