Saturday, December 16, 2006

For all the job seekers out there that are spending a lot of time applying to companies through their corporate websites, read Gerry Crispin's post, Buying Fertilizer is Like Applying to Your Company. Gerry's thought provoking and humorous post discusses the abysmal statistics surrounding quality response rates to job seekers who apply on-line through company websites. While 67-75% of companies respond to candidates, only 6% of the nation's top companies communicate the status of an applicant's candidacy or offer any follow up if the position is no longer open. With statistics like these, it's no wonder that candidates experience frustration with the on-line posting process. Yet for many there's something mezmorizing, almost addictive about the on-line job search process. It reminds me of the endless TV channel surfer who can access 300 channels, but still can't find anything worth watching. There are an incredible number of jobs posted on-line, but few are realistic opportunities given the number of candidates you are competing against and the overall flaws of the on-line posting process. While there's nothing inherently wrong with looking at job boards (they can provide valuable insights into position responsibilities and salary ranges and help you track growth trends within a company or industry), the boards only offer a passive method of search and one that can rob you of valuable search time that would be better spent trying to penetrate new contacts through direct marketing and networking activities.


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