Thursday, July 19, 2007

Everything Is Negotiable

The Evil HR Lady blog has an informative post about a recent job seeker's negotiation dilemmas
that will resonate with many. The candidate discusses a desire to negotiate additional paid time off, flexible work hours, and a more generous severance package and asks if these requests are appropriate.

In salary negotiation, anything is negotiable as long as it is fair and reasonable. This candidate makes a compelling argument for why these negotiation points are important to him and points out how flexibility on the company's part will contribute to his individual performance and contribution to the company.

The post has a happy ending and the candidate is able to negotiate for many of the items that he considers top priorities. If you are in the midst of a negotiation conversation with a prospective employer, concentrate on what is fair and reasonable in your specific situation, not what you think is the "standard policy". Once you can show an employer why your proposal makes good business sense for their company you will be able to negotiate for more of what you want and start your employment off on a positive note.



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