Sunday, October 07, 2007

The K.I.S.S. Approach to Interviewing

Kris Dunn, author of the HR Capitalist blog, keeps his interviews simple and cuts through the interview question clutter by focusing on two questions...
  1. Tell me when you have been most satisfied in your career.
  2. Tell me when you have been least satisfied in your career.
Dunn believes that these two behavioral interview questions measure motivation and fit and by probing a candidate's responses to these questions with follow up questions such as "why" and "tell me more" he can uncover a great deal of information about that person.

When you are in an interview situation, the person interviewing you is trying to determine how much risk is associated with hiring you. Can you do the job, how long will it take you to contribute, and will you stay at the company past the one year mark are some of the questions going through the hiring authority's mind.

Candidates should focus on conveying authentic success stories that showcase their professional passions and are in line with the needs of the hiring manager and the organization as a whole. By doing so they will communicate interest, drive, and fit and improve rapport with the interviewer as well.



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