Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Facebook: I See Old People!

Crain's New York (subscription version only) recently ran an article about a 30-something job seeker who landed a position as a senior editor with Fast Company Magazine after reconnecting with a former colleague on Facebook. As Facebook matures, so too has its audience. While it's still primarily geared towards millenials, (people in their 20s and younger), as the job seeker profiled in the article states, "There are all sorts of old people on Facebook now." While Facebook does not tout itself as a job seeking tool, it can help you build connections for business opportunities.

In order to have an effective career management strategy, you need to think outside the box and diversify your network whenever possible. What does that mean? Don't just stay with your own kind. Network with people who are in a different age group, outside your profession, from another city, or of a different gender or ethnic group. Doing so makes you more memorable. For example, if you are a technology professional who specializes in applications for the financial services industry, show up at an event for financial services professionals. You will probably be the only technology professional there and by being different you will be remembered.

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