Monday, August 20, 2007

Take Charge of Your Annual Performance Review

According to a recent survey by Mercer HR Consulting, mentioned on the Compensation Force blog, salary increases in 2007/2008 will average 3.5% and be approximately 5.7% for top performers. One of the best ways to ensure that your performance is rated on the high end of the scale is to take ownership of the performance appraisal process. By documenting your achievements each time you complete a significant project, milestone, or job task, you maximize the chances of your accomplishments being recognized at review time. Make sure to quantify your achievements by showing how the projects you managed helped make money, save money, save time, maintain the business, or grow the business and use numbers, dollars, and percentages whenever possible to validate your accomplishments.

Ideally, you are receiving feedback on how you are doing against your job goals throughout the year, but in reality, this doesn't always occur as frequently as most employees would like. By consistently recording your successes throughout the year, you can improve your chances of garnering a more lucrative increase at review time

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