Friday, July 20, 2007

Career Management 101

Over on the Cube Rules blog, there is a post about the fact that people take various career paths following a layoff, but few plan for such an event. People plan for so many life events; weddings, college, vacations...Yet few map out a career management strategy that includes annual goal setting and reflection. As a result, we are frequently caught off guard following a life changing event such as a layoff. I've seen every possible emotion from people following a downsizing from shock to fear to anger to depression and the people who suffer the most are the ones who never took the time to think of the "what if" scenarios.

Employers aren't life partners. The relationship can change on a dime if the business conditions warrant it. If you are currently in a job search due to a corporate restructuring, this is a hard lesson to learn. Take the time to map out a career plan, update your resume, and foster relationships with friends and colleagues who can help you weather the storm.

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