Friday, August 03, 2007

Comment on Blogs to Raise Your Visibility During a Job Search

Last week I wrote about setting up a blog to create visibility and interest in your candidacy when you are in a job search. If you are not ready to start your own blog, another strategy for getting involved in the blogosphere is to comment on other blogs that are relevant to your industry or profession. For example, a finance professional might comment on a post from the Jobs in the Money Career Wires Blog and an HR professional might write something on the Your HR Guy Blog. Writing blog posts is an easy way to create an on-line identity and improve your Google ranking, which is important to do if hiring managers or recruiters are checking you out before calling you in for an interview.

If you choose to blog, keep your blogging identity consistent and even consider adding some sort of tag line to your name to distinguish yourself and perhaps even build a following. Over on the Blogging for Business Blog there is a great post about this concept.

Whether you are interested in setting up your own blog or just commenting on others, find a way to be found on-line and become a part of the on-line conversations in your field. You will be amazed at how quickly your reputation and your networking leads will grow.

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