Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tips for Successful Employment Negotiations

In the job offer context, negotiation is a non-confrontational, business focused discussion aimed at resolving differences between two parties with the same goal. In order to be an effective negotiator, job seekers need to understand the dynamics behind the conversation and use this information to create a give and take dialogue with potential employers. What often gets in the way of rewarding win-win conversations is our fear of rejection or potential conflict. Successful negotiators view the process as one of collaboration. They listen to the employer’s needs and recommend outcomes that benefit both parties. They recognize that savvy negotiators build relationships and never give ultimatums. Strategic job seekers understand that the negotiation is hopefully the first of many relationship building conversations they will have with their future employer. Here's tip #1 in this series.

Everyone is capable of negotiating. Nobody is born knowing how to be an effective negotiator. It is a learned skill that is developed with experience. We can all learn to negotiate effectively for what we need and want. Keep in mind you wouldn’t be receiving the offer in the first place if you weren’t the person selected as the best candidate for the job. This gives you leverage. Once an employer decides you are the person for the job, the primary concern will not be to negotiate the least expensive compensation package the company can get away with. The focus will be on getting you to accept the job. Most employers invest a great deal of time and energy in the interview process, and are very reluctant to settle for second best when their number one candidate makes an attempt in good faith to negotiate for more money.

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