Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm on LinkedIn, Now What???

I'm on LinkedIn, Now What???, a recently released book about LinkedIn, answers so many of the questions that have been posed to me by my clients about this powerful business networking tool. Many people approach social networking technology with trepidation and Jason Alba has created a “how to” guide that reminds new users that there are “no stupid questions” when it comes to learning a new technology and guides seasoned users through the more specialized uses of the application. I’m on LinkedIn, Now What??? is a must read for anyone interested in creating an on-line presence, building a professional community, sourcing prospects, or reaching out to decision makers and hiring authorities.The book is a quick, easy read that will teach you how to build more strategic and effective relationships on LinkedIn in a relatively short period of time.

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  • The Soccerex Networking tools is designed to allow delegates and exhibitors to make contact, arrange meetings, view each other’s profiles and generally assist in networking before, during and after the event. It even recommends other delegates of interest to you based on your profile!

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